Grill and fender assembly from a 1950 Willys Overland Jeepster, designed by famous industrial designer Brooks Stevens. The hood is from a later model Jeepster, hood ornament is from a 1949 Ford and the bumper is from a 1948(ish) Cadillac. All is mounted on corrugated barn tin with a frame made of angle iron. Carriage bolts were used to simulate rivets on the frame. One of the headlights was missing from the grill when I got it. Rather than replacing the headlight, I opted to fill the void with an eye. The eye is made of a Cadillac and Chevrolet wheel cover, a piece of a 95 Chevrolet Suburban (blue) and a glass magnifying lens – presumably from an overhead projector. I’m sure this old machine had an interesting story to tell.