American Mettle L48 (Chief 1000)

Series: American Mettle Lower 48 Title: Chief 1000 Size: 44 Date: Oct 10, 2018 No. 2018-02

Made from scrap sheet metal from automobiles, machinery, etc. Other items come from the artist’s collection.


Texas – Made from the fender of a 60’s Ford Falcon, the Ranger emblem is from a 70’s Ford pickup.

Minnesota – Made from the door of a late model Dodge pickup. The truck must have been in commercial service as it has Dept of Transportation numbers.

Arizona – Made from a tool box that the artist crushed in a press to provide a textured pattern.

Kansas – Made from the hood of a 60’s Pontiac, the “Chief 1000” is from the hood of a Jacobsen Chief garden tractor.

Measures 44 inches diagonally from Maine to California.