Along the Highway

Measures 48x30 inches - 1 3/4 inches deep. Made of sheet metal, various fasteners and objects.

SOLD – I grew up along Interstate Highway 10 East of San Antonio, Texas. I would ride my bike to an overpass near a truck stop and observe the goings on. Being curious, I also scouted around the parking lot and side of the road near there for interesting things as often they were plentiful. My experiences there inspired this piece. Made of sheet metal, various fasteners and objects. The shadow boxes include a water valve cutaway, a small collection of marbles displayed on nails, a shift selector from an unknown automobile and a heating element from a friend’s broken clothes dryer. All of the different pieces of sheet metal are cobbled together with different fasteners – screws, rivets, bolts, etc. The 53′ is from a tractor trailer, the large 3 is from a dirt track race car, and “Stratus” is the trunk deck from a Dodge.
48”x30”x1 ¾” deep | $765