SOLD – Eat is an homage to mid-century Americana and car culture. I admire the sense of fun and optimism of American “jet-aged” styling. I take delight in the thought that the bold colors, crazy shapes and space-aged futuristic design could be applied to anything from automobiles to popcorn packaging.
The boomerang arrow and circular field were designed with Sputnik and the “space race” in mind. Of course, what is a satellite without star clusters? I included “drive in” as a nod to car culture of the era, with the once popular in-car service.
This piece is made of car parts and a little scrap aluminum. I chose newer car parts for this work as I wanted it to emulate the shine of enameled steel, which was a common sign material from the mid-century.

I cut this piece by hand using a sheet metal band saw.


Serial Number 2/25/2019-09