Custom Cab

SOLD – Made of scrap sheet metal from automobiles, machinery, etc. Other items come from the artist’s collection. This 44 inch size map takes an average of 4 months to create. Each state is created after selecting just the right piece from thousands of items.


Oregon – Door and emblem from an old Kelvinator brand refrigerator. Unit had been painted at some point in its life.

Texas – Made from the hood of a late 60’s Dodge truck which had been repainted many years ago. The assembly attached to it is a ignition points system from an unknown Fairbanks Morse engine.

Ohio – Yellow from a 70’s International Harvester Scout II, riveted together. The bearing (which spins) was from a gasoline weed eater engine.

Tennessee – Brown from the cab of a late 70’s Ford pickup, and the “Custom Cab” emblem is from an earlier model Ford pickup.

Series: American Mettle Lower 48
Title: Custom Cab
Size: 44
Complete Date: Dec 11, 2018
No. 2018-04

Measures 44 inches diagonally from Maine to California.