Homage to the Cadillac Ranch

Personal Collection – I salvaged these Cadillac fins from an old wrecking yard that is shutting down. The cars themselves were too rusted away to be rebuilt. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have my own pieces of automotive designer Harley Earl’s finest work. I wasn’t sure what to do with these large pieces, and I wanted to preserve what was left of them for what they were. Then I remembered – I love the Cadillac Ranch, in Amarillo, Texas. What better way to preserve these fantastic automotive designs than to emulate the greatest vintage Cadillac showplace on earth! So, the mobile, mini, personal-sized Cadillac Ranch was created. I put it on a chassis which can be easily moved. When the piece is “installed” it will have small boulders piled up around the base to cover the chassis and add to the mid-century steel and rock themed aesthetic. The fins from left to right are from a 57, 58 and 60 Cadillac. Both the 57 and 58 are factory pink.