Camper Special L48

Series: American Mettle Lower 48 Title: Camper Special Size: 44 Date: Jun 28, 2018 No. 2018-01

SOLD – Made from scrap sheet metal from automobiles, machinery, etc. Other items come from the artist’s collection.


Texas – Made from the hood of a 60’s Oldsmobile. The artist used a drill press to make the circle patterns and a bead roller to make the line pattern in the sheet metal. the piston is from a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. The artist cut the piston in half with a band saw and used a lathe to machine the parts needed to fasten the piston to the piece.

Minnesota – Made from the reset panel from a 1960’s 3 phase motor controller.

South Dakota – Made from sheet metal from a 1970 International Harvester Scout. The gear mechanism is from a 1940’s (?) counter mounted hand crank knife sharpener.

Colorado – The sheet metal is from the hood of a mid-70’s Ford sedan. The “Camper Special” emblem is from a mid-70’s Chevrolet pickup truck.

Measures 44 inches diagonally from Maine to California.