NFS Measures 37 x 23 x 2 inches. Main body of fish is made from a 60’s Pontiac hood. Blue “Atlantic” is a 70’s Dodge trunk lid, Tan “Atlantic” is a 1976 Ford Pinto trunk lid. Red shadow letters are a 73 Cadillac Eldorado drop top, white is from an unknown 70’s car. The eye was the hood of a Chevrolet truck with custom paint. The aluminum wire was the main electric feed to my house.

I went fishing a little while ago in the Atlantic. After much stolen bait, all I caught was pinfish. I thanked them for their effort and returned them to the ocean. Upon my return home, I was inspired to make this piece.

As with all of my signs, they are first hand drawn to scale, Then I cut the rendering apart with a razor blade and transfer the lettering onto the metal I’m working with. Once the outline is transferred, I cut each piece out with a vintage sheet metal band saw.

Serial No. 10/20/2019 – 46