AM L48 Viking Image 2

SOLD – American Mettle Lower 48 “Viking”. Measures 67 inches diagonally from Maine to California. This piece took over a year to build, with each part being carefully selected from my collection. Named after the early 1960’s Chevrolet medium duty truck line – “Viking”. An emblem located in Minnesota is a nod to this great Chevrolet. Included with the piece is a build sheet which describes the materials used (what they were). For example: Arizona – Blue trunk lid from late 60’s American Motor Corporation (AMC) Ambassador with 80’s Pontiac Phoenix emblem and random bits of vintage car chrome; Texas – Gulf oil logo cut from 70’s Ford wrecker from a gas station, mounted on another piece of hood from a 70’s Ford Truck; Mississippi – Gold from early 70’s Oldsmobile Cutlass hood, green trim was copper roof flashing, white shadow box from unknown car hood, and hood ornament from a 1951 DeSoto automobile. See more images on Instagram at #ianbirdart.